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Classic car transport the gentle way

Classic cars have been incredibly valuable throughout automobile history and too good to only cover distances— they embody a lifestyle. We’ll take care of transportation, so you can ensure your priceless jewel is always where you want it to be. Be it at your holiday destination, the racetrack or an exhibition, we will safely, quickly, and discreetly bring your vehicle to your preferred destination.

Our lorry drivers travel across Europe with care and competence. Your vehicle transport will be tailored to your exact needs.


  • Two-wheeler transport
  • Vehicle transport
  • Airfreight

Two-wheeler transport

Whether your vehicle has one, two or three wheels, our trucks, trailers and semi-trailers are ideally equipped for any type of vehicle. In addition, our flexible security options offer excellent transport space for motorcycles and sidecars, scooters and small and light motorcycles and more.



With silk gloves wrapped in bubble wrap

How you make a bed is how you will sleep in it
A noble vehicle also calls for high demands when it comes to where it resides. So correct storage is essential to maintain a well-kept condition, which can also increase the value of your favourite classic car over the years.

We ensure the greatest possible comfort for you and your classic car through professional storage in a locked hall with an additional security service.

We’re also happy to advise you on other storage options and how to get your vehicle through the rainy, cold season without damage.

Services portfolio

  • Secure storage
  • GuardInsure



It pays off to keep things in good condition

Classic cars are like good wines. They take a long time to “mature” and, if treated incorrectly, can spoil.

For your vehicle to mature and grow in value from year to year, it needs professional care.

From cleaning the varnish to engine care, we’ll be at your side with words of advice and services you require.

Upon request, we can ensure your car is ready for the cold winter months.

Portfolio classic car care

  • Varnish cleaning
  • Engine maintenance
  • Winter-ready service



Buying and selling classic cars

Found a classic car, and the sight of it makes your heart beat faster? Is your gut feeling telling you, you really want it, yet your mind reckons it’s better to get a professional opinion on it first? Then give us a call — our experience ranges from dealing with elegant limousines that date back to the beginning of the century to the fast-paced speedsters of the 1950s.

Escrow Service Portfolio

Purchasing classic cars

When buying a classic car or vehicle parts, we can support you with:

  • Vehicle controls
  • Securing parts
  • Seller contact, acquisition and correspondence
  • Manage contract and financial management
  • Transfer of the vehicle
  • Always available to answer any questions you might have throughout the process via phone
Selling classic cars

Ending a relationship with your classic car, no problem. To ensure a safe and easy transaction, we can offer you:

  • Professional and fair vehicle evaluation
  • Control through a second vehicle evaluation
  • Buyer contact, acquisition and correspondence
  • Manage contract and financial management
  • Transfer of the vehicle
  • Always available to answer any questions you might have throughout the process via phone




Our service portfolio

Sea freight

We work with reputable partners to ensure that your jewelry arrives safely at its destination. In addition, we take care of all formalities for import or export for you. With our customs service we guarantee a smooth process in all customs matters.

Air freight

You can request our presence at both the departure and destination airports. We will be happy to ensure that your vehicle is accompanied from the sender to the recipient. We can "only" attend to the necessary customs handling or organise them for you and prepare the documents required for international transport.

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Customs preparation

We offer you our personal presence at both the departure and destination airports. For international transports we additionally offer our customs service including all necessary documents. For international transports, we can also "only" accompany the necessary customs treatments or organize them for you and prepare necessary documents.

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We’re happy to offer you the highest degree of confidentiality, commitment and punctuality as support in development work. Our fleet and our employees are committed to this way of working every day of the week, at any time day or night and in every Euro-Asian climate zone. We have high standards when it comes to communication and promote neutrality on our naturally unlabelled vehicle bodies. We can also offer confidentiality and special equipment, for example, temperature-controlled transport of models. Our drivers will become your active supporters and part of your on-site team during your time on the test tracks.

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Motorsport is the second child in our service family that has been with us for almost 23 years. And who doesn't love their children? In addition to the transportation of classic cars and vehicles from the development field, motorsport is an area of service some of our team members are particularly enthusiastic about. We demand a lot of flexibility and perfection in everything to do with sport, cleanliness, and discretion. On top of that, we have the necessary equipment for every super-flat vehicle in our own fleet. Our drivers will look after you during your stay at the track with a lot of enthusiasm and active support.

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