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Do you only trust the best with your valuable possessions? Then you've come to the right place! Our many years of experience dealing with historic vehicles, flexibility, discretion, and genuine love for cars are, why hundreds of satisfied customers trust us.

  • Global transport of classic cars and other vehicles
  • Care service & storage — professional, comfortable and safe
  • Care service & storage — professional, comfortable and safe

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Your specialist for classic car transport

Classic cars have been incredibly valuable throughout automobile history and too good to only cover distances — they embody a lifestyle. We’ll take care of transportation, so you can ensure your priceless jewel is always where you want it to be. Be it at your holiday destination, the racetrack, or an exhibition — we will safely, quickly and discreetly bring your vehicle to your preferred destination.

Our lorry drivers travel across Europe with care and competence. Your vehicle transportation will be tailored to your exact needs.

Our fleet

With over 4600 transports a year, we need a well-coordinated team and a reliable fleet of lorries. Our vehicle fleet currently consists of 27 lorry units. These lorries include closed lorries with load factors 6, 4, 3 m2, 1, and open trucks carrying up to 8 vehicles. That way, we can respond flexibly to your wishes. Our transporters offer enough space and comfort for all types of classic cars, including large and heavy pre-war vehicles, as well as armoured vehicles. Our lorries are specially equipped for vehicle transport, including large lift platforms, air-conditioning and cable winches. Our transporters are on average four years old, which is how we can always keep our fleet up to date for you — with the latest technology and safety equipment.

For us, your journey is the destination: 
We’re happy to combine our lorry transportation with air transport. We cooperate with well-known sea and air freight carriers who specialise in vehicle transport. With the additional expertise of our shipping partners, we can offer you a complete tailor-made package from one source. For us, customer care is more important than anything else: If you wish, we can also organise the entire chain of transport for you.

"The first step is to establish that something is possible.
Then the probability will occur" -Elon Musk

Our team

We are a family-run company with 33 employees — LOYALTY and TEAMWORK are very important to us. Many years of experience and competence, paired with an intuition for your requirements, make our service unique. We’re also known to carry out unusual customer requests with precision.

We look forward to meeting you.

  • We’re here for you every step of the way.

Our philosophy

Our brand values guide our actions in the team and when we interact with our customers and partners: We embrace honesty, personal contact and respect. Our hundreds of Classic Car Service customers appreciate this attitude and trust us with their valuable possessions, creating a feeling of mutual trust. Because we also share the passion and love of classic vehicles our customers have.

Our history

Our family business for vehicle transport in Schwieberdingen was established in 1977. Owner Jutta Planitzer’s fondness for classic cars was always close to her roots. She describes her BMW 1802, which she attained at the end of the 1990s, as the initial spark for the current direction of Classic Car Service. Because from that point on, Jutta Planitzer and her team focused on classic cars. The professional service, impeccable storage and the transport of these noble beauties have been at the forefront of Classic Car Service ever since.

  • Family-run company for classic car & vehicle transportation


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